Alcohol and your skin

Drinking alcohol in moderation is OK, and can sometimes even be beneficial. Red wine, for instance, contains antioxidants, but the key word is moderation. Like all things we love, excess can seriously damage our health and play havoc with our skin.

Because alcohol acts as a diuretic, it also slows down the production of the hormone Vasopressin, an important hormone that helps the body and your skin reabsorb water.

More bad news, I’m afraid—drinking too much robs your body of Vitamin A, which you need for healthy cell renewal and turnover to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Excess alcohol consumption can actually cause as much damage to your skin as the sun, stealing the “good hydration” your skin needs to look young and fresh. It also increases your blood flow, which can cause the blood vessels in your face to dilate and burst, leaving you with broken capillaries, spider veins, bloating, redness, and premature wrinkling. No skin cream is going to fix that!

Recent studies also show that excess alcohol consumption is linked to flare ups of rosacea, and also dehydrates your hair leaving it prone to more split ends.

Okay, you enjoy a drink or two of an evening or when out with friends, (who doesn’t), but the only way to overcome the negative effects of alcohol on your face is to stick to no more than a few drinks, and even making the right choices in what you drink.

The best drink you can have is a glass of red wine. Red wine contains resveratrol a potent antioxidant. And if you must have a cocktail, be aware that in general the clearer the alcohol the better. Vodka, gin and tequila tend to leave your system quicker. Again moderation please!

Try to limit yourself to no more than two drinks in an evening- you can do it. Drink water in between each glass even more before going to bed. Remember too, that alcohol seriously disturbs your sleep patterns, and you know how important your beauty sleep is, so limit yourself to drinking only a few times a week.