Beauty Weekly

Chairs Are Deadly!

I love lying on the sofa or lounging on a comfy chair as much as the next person, and spend as much time sitting on my bum at the computer as most people, but research shows that sitting down is [...]

Stretch Yourself Young

Young bodies are supple, flexible bodies. Being stiff and unable to reach or bend easily can make anyone appear absolutely ancient. Try to stretch every morning when you wake up and again after [...]


Exercise is proven to help men and women like their bodies more because it helps you focus on what your body can do, rather than just what it looks like. So that’s another reason to hit the gym [...]

Fire Down Below

When it comes to fitness, Kegels count, too! These pelvic floor-strengthening exercises can have big rewards when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Think Kegel exercises are just for women? Think [...]

Beautiful Legs

Getting your hormones balanced plays a role in maintaining healthy, good looking, legs. Your hormones influence everything from your mood, to how well you sleep, to the size of your waistline and [...]