Breakfast Like a King

OK, you had your supper early, slept well, and now it is morning and you are S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G.

The tempting thing when you want to stay slim or lose weight is to skip breakfast and make do with a dose of caffeine instead. Bad move! Didn’t your Mom tell you that eating breakfast is good for you? It’s true — your Mom was right! Breakfast boosts your metabolism by up to 10 percent. And that’s just part of the story. Breakfast is the meal that most effectively suppresses the hunger hormone, ghrelin, at the same time that morning’s high cortisol levels trigger fat and calorie burning.

Eating breakfast also sends a signal to your body clock that you are up and ready for action, which gets that metabolism revving. Indeed, we are programmed by nature to eat more in the morning and less as the day goes on.

Studies show that food eaten until midday is more filling, and if we eat well in the morning, this will ensure we are less hungry during the rest of the day. Food eaten in the evening is less filling, so it triggers us to want to eat more, and more often.

A recent study has proven his advice to be absolutely correct. Big breakfast eaters, the study showed, just didn’t feel as hungry, and they didn’t have as many cravings so they managed to stick to their diets much more effectively. Also, we have seen that food timing makes a difference to how we use energy. Obviously, you don’t have to start eating cake every day — in fact, I don’t recommend it — but equally, don’t deny yourself. Some people just want lots of fruit for breakfast, which is fine. For optimum hunger-taming, get some protein in there somewhere. People who eat eggs for breakfast are less hungry all day. Don’t like eggs? Try some yogurt, maybe some nuts, avocado on rye, smoked salmon, or go continental with meat and cheese (make sure it’s lean unprocessed organic meat please).

So listen to your mother’s advice — she did get it right a lot of the time!