The Hormone of Posture: Stand Tall and Proud

Fascinating research has found that you can change your hormonal balance simply by changing your posture. Your hormone balance affects your energy levels, skin, the size of your waistline, how you age, stress levels, and even your sex life. Let’s make sure we stand and sit proud and tall.

No matter if you are 6’5″ or 5’l”, having good posture changes the way you walk, look and appear to other people. Standing, sitting, and walking tall will take years off your perceived age and convey an air of confidence—even if you are having a particularly bad hair day! It will also increase your energy levels as it improves the functions of your internal organs and your lungs, which in turn increase your oxygen intake.

Those famed 50’s models, who walked around with books on their heads, certainly had the right idea. So…stand tall, chin up, (remember that book poised on your head), and pull those “lats”, the major back muscles, down towards your bottom. Tighten those abs, squeeze and pull up the pelvic floor – you should feel like you’re wearing a tight corset. Push your shoulders back and smile: instant makeover.

Practice the power postures below and start changing your hormone balance now.



  • When sitting on a chair place your hands either on the desk in front of you or by your sides, opening up your chest, and pull your back muscles down toward your bottom. If you need to lean forward towards your keyboard, keep pulling your back muscles downward, chest out and lean forward with a straight back.
  • Stand tall, shoulders back, chest proud, hand on your hips, left foot straight, and right foot slightly turned out (like Wonder Woman), now add a big smile to your face). You can’t worry when you are smiling, and this will drop your cortisol levels thus reducing stress.