Chairs Are Deadly!

I love lying on the sofa or lounging on a comfy chair as much as the next person, and spend as much time sitting on my bum at the computer as most people, but research shows that sitting down is a health time bomb. We simply aren’t designed to sit about, especially in that relatively modern invention, the comfy chair. Evolution designed human beings to be upright, running, walking or squatting and, when we get tired lying down and sleeping.

If we are awake and not moving, it’s unnatural, and electrical activity in our muscles drops, “The muscles go as silent as those of a dead animal,” according to one researcher — and your calorie-burning rate plunges to about one per minute, a third of what it would be if you simply got up and walked.

Shockingly, even one day of inactivity can even make your blood sugar spike up to 26 percent more than it does on active days. As well, your risk of obesity can also start to rise, as enzymes responsible for vacuuming fat out of the bloodstream plummet, making levels of good cholesterol fall. All that from just sitting around and there  are even more scary statistics.

Studies have been done that show that people who spent the most time sitting down had a 112 percent greater risk of diabetes, a 147 percent rise in heart attacks and strokes and a 90 percent higher risk of death from a heart attack. Okay I am sure now you want to get off that chair!

So here’s a few easy simple solutions that take no effort to incorporate into your day: –

  1.  Move more! Set a reminder for every 40 minutes you are working at a desk, and get up and take a short walk around the office.
  2. Instead of sitting and talking on the phone, stand up and step up and down on the spot while you are conversing.  
  3. You could  also run up and down the stairs, walk to another floor to get a drink, or talk to someone instead of sending them an email.
  4.  At lunch time, go for a walk around the block. Don’t order food at your desk. Go out, get some fresh air and buy something healthy to eat..
  5. Why not have meetings outdoors on the move, instead of over coffee and doughnuts? It’s so much better for your health, and it’s much more likely to spark creativity, too.
  6. Sitting in front of your computer or Television at night not moving has the same effect. Get up from the sofa/chair and jog on the spot for one minute every 30-40 minutes.  
  7. Get up and have a good stretch while watching your favorite series.  
  8. Put down that glass of wine or piece of cake and swing your arms from side to side and shake your body or dance around for one minute

Remember the more your bottom is not glued to that comfy chair or sofa, the perkier it will look and the better you will feel!  Now who doesn’t want a perkier bottom or to feel better?