Your Crowning Glory: How to Keep Your Hair Healthy, Thick and Glossy

New Porfolio Pic copyYou know that saying, ‘you are what you eat’? Well not only do your skin and body reflect what nutrition you are giving your body, but so does your hair. YOUTH supplements encourage hair growth and thickness, because its unique formula nourishes you from the inside out.

Top PR guru in the US Susan Woods, from Woods & Co, had this to say: ‘THANKS AGAIN FOR MY GOLDEN LOCKS! I seriously LOVE your Product YOUTH. It has changed my hair and my life!

Top celebrity Hairdresser Paul Yacomine, whose products are AMAZING, gave me some top tips to keep your hair thick and glossy.


  • Keep your hair moisturised by using a shampoo and conditioner with natural moisturising properties. Apply the conditioner liberally and leave in for a few minutes. My shampoos and conditioners have been developed using the latest protein technology to provide deeper penetration of the hair mass – locking in colour, rebalancing elasticity and moisture for stronger, thicker, healthier hair.
  • Restore your colour regularly with a few drops of ‘Micro Colourcare’ leave-in treatment. Concentrated proteins, botanicals and natural oils are essential for the maintenance and brilliance of colour. Ensure your colouring products are not too harsh. Having your colourist add a few drops of ‘Micro Colourcare’ to the colour process will increase colour depth and longevity, whilst maintaining the correct moisture balance.
  • Finish off any blow drying or styling by using natural hair oil. I developed the ultra light ‘Microfinish’ series to add texture and shine by lightly smoothing down the cuticle without weight. Oils have a high affinity to the hair’s porous structure and there isn’t anything comparable when it comes to conditioning and finishing. Oils also help to clean the hair by loosening ingrained debris.
  • Be gentle with your hair – let it dry naturally when you can.  If your hair is damaged it can be prone to tangling.  To untangle try starting at the tips of your hair, using a wide-tooth comb or a tangle-teaser brush. Add a little oil. Never brush your hair when wet.
  • Get regular trims – a skilled stylist can help remove split ends, giving your hair a healthier feel and look.
  • Avoid whenever possible hair styling tools such as curling irons or straighteners that use heat to force your hair into a different shape. Try pin curls. Work with any natural movement, using your fingers to gently twist your hair into shape and hold with pins. Let your hair dry naturally or use a diffuser attached to your hairdryer.
  • Take a good supplement, such as Beautyworkswest YOUTH with lots of nutrients that promote hair growth.