Our Story

We all do out best to live our healthiest lives, but wouldn't a little help be nice? - Susie Rogers

You eat organic. You meditate and exercise every day. You shun sugar, say no to salt, sleep plenty, and never have a cocktail or three with friends. Your skin is glowing; your sex life is purring; you always feel young. Is this you? Oh come on, is it anyone? We all do our best to live our healthiest lives, but wouldn’t a little help be nice?

That’s where we come in: BeautyWorksWest nutricosmetics are designed to give you the glowing look and the energetic feeling of radiant health from the inside out. Founded by two of the UK’s top wellness experts, we believe that feeling good and looking great starts with what you put in your body. Like an anti-aging cream for your insides, our high quality, naturally sourced supplements are loaded with bioactive ingredients formulated to transform you into your most vibrant self.

The Founders

London-based health and wellness experts Susie Rogers and Dr. Daniel Sister launched BeautyWorksWest nutricosmetics in 2013, combining Dr. Sister’s extensive anti-aging and hormone research with Susie’s expertise in the beauty and wellness industry.

Susie Rogers

Susie Rogers has spent her life helping people look better, feel better, and smile more. As the owner of one of London’s top Pilates Studio and medi spa, Susie helped celebrity clients achieve the healthiest, strongest bodies of their lives. Deeply committed to instilling holistic wellness in all of her clients, Susie has made health her life’s work. She is the co-author of the best selling book published by Penguin, Your Hormone Doctor, now released in the US under the title Put the YOU Back in Youth. Susie’s keen understanding of her clients’ physical and emotional needs is the driving force behind BeautyWorksWest.

Dr. Daniel Sister

Hailing from Paris, Dr. Daniel Sister is one of London’s most highly acclaimed anti-aging and hormone specialists with a charming French accent to match. A published expert in PRP therapy, Dr. Daniel trains doctors around the world in his anti-aging techniques. World-renowned for his groundbreaking treatments, he has published multiple books in France on the connection between nutrition, hormones, and health.

The Science

As we get older, the body experiences two major shifts: hormones begin to change and the ability to absorb nutrients decreases. Even if you’re loading up on berries and greens to make up for it, you still may not be getting all the good stuff you need. Modern agricultural practices deplete soil of essential minerals and nutrients, meaning that perfectly lovely apple isn’t as good for you as before. With poor nutrient absorption, stressful schedules, and naturally fluctuating hormones, it’s no wonder that we start to feel more run down with each year. Our advanced scientific formulas are specifically designed to give your body the essential nutrients it craves while balancing the hormonal shifts that naturally occur over time.

Partnering with some of the world’s most well respected hormone specialists, we’ve developed highly effective biodynamic complexes of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals designed to help the body battle signs of aging and achieve hormonal balance. Infused with potent combinations of high quality nutrients, our supplements are safe and effective. BeautyWorksWest nutricomsetics are free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, gluten, GMOs, artificial ingredients, and are suitable for vegetarians. The results are so much more than glowing skin; you may see a difference in your health, energy, even your sex life!