Scrub Yourself Beautiful

Body exfoliation and dry body brushing are an essential part of my beauty regime, and the benefits are enormous. Rain or shine, it’s something to do once or twice a week.

Why? You have to bid goodbye to those dead cells on the outer surface of the skin to stimulate the growth of new ones. I ask you: Who wants to look and feel like a reptile? A good scrub makes your skin smoother, softer, and brighter; it also unclogs pores and boosts circulation, which is good for minimizing cellulite as it helps flush away toxins too. Moisturizers are more easily absorbed by new skin cells, so it’s good news all around.

Start by dry brushing your skin before showering using a body brush or loofa. Start with soles of the feet and work up in a circular motion. Don’t forget your arms – they need attention too.

Then shower and apply an exfoliating body cleanser. There are some lovely-smelling ones on the market to add that bit of luxury into the routine. Again scrub, scrub scrub in circular motions moving up your body. Pay particular attention to those rough areas including the heels and the elbows.

Use a washcloth for more sensitive areas and never apply body products on your face. Once the scrubbing is done, finish off with a lukewarm-to-coolish shower; not always easy in the depths of winter, but good for the skin and the soul!

To finish off, lavish your body in a thick body cream, because crepe looks better when it’s clothing!